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Idea shared by David Sovereen - 9/6/2017 at 6:56 AM
It was asked a couple years ago that Smartermail support syncing the Drafts folder using ActiveSync.  The thread is here:
The response was that the ActiveSync specification did not allow syncing the Drafts folder.
That has since changed.  Beginning with EAS version 16, released in 2015, syncing the Drafts folder is supported.  See   Can we get support for syncing the Drafts folder added to Smartermail?


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Robert Emmett Replied
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Thank you for posting this David.  This has been planned as SM 17.x addition.
Robert Emmett
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Thanks for considering bringing this feature into the 21st century. In the meantime, please get any known bugs in v15 remedied before moving onto v17.
It would be most appreciated.
First they have to admit that bugs exist. I'm thinking I'll stay with V15 (bugs included) and skip V16. For the most part my customers are happy.
Kendra Support
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Except for major revisions to the UI (as in v16), I'm wondering why there should be version upgrades at all. The product should simply improve. As others have pointed out, each new version introduces new bugs.
As a developer there are three reasons to upgrade numbers:
  1. Overall infrastructure changes that change the entire system. Complete rewrite of a UI, complete major change to database. 
  2. You run out of numbers v1.9.999999999 becomes v2.0.0
  3. Ego - The higher the number the better you feel and you think people will think it's more mature -- think Google Chrome where in a few years we are already on v60.
For this latest the interface I can understand to 16. But that is (or should be) it. I would prefer to be at 16 for years rather than every year changing the numbering system.
Or, in the case of many of us, V15.

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