Midnight appointments (timezone issue?)
Problem reported by FlexWS - 8/30/2017 at 1:01 PM
The timezone is GMT+1 (now with DST it's GMT+2).
Outlook 2013, iPad Air 2 (iOS 10.3.3) and Android 7.0 Phone are all using EAS.
Server runs SmarterMail 15.7
If I create an appointment tomorrow at 0:00-1:00 on iOS the appointment is not shown correctly on Android and Outlook.
If I create an appointment tomorrow at 0:00-1:00 on Android the appointment is not shown correctly on iOS and Outlook.
Anything created in Outlook or webmail is shown fine everywhere.
Anything is shown fine in webmail, wherever it is created.
When the appointment shows up incorrect, it shows 2:00-1:00 on all devices. The endtime is before the starttime.
Created at Shown at Result
Webmail Webmail Correct
Webmail Outlook Correct
Webmail iPad Correct
Webmail Android Correct
Outlook Webmail Correct
Outlook Outlook Correct
Outlook iPad Correct
Outlook Android Correct
iPad Webmail Correct
iPad Outlook Incorrect, shows 2:00-1:00
iPad iPad Correct
iPad Android Incorrect, shows 2:00-1:00
Android Webmail Correct
Android Outlook Incorrect, shows 2:00-1:00
Android iPad Incorrect, shows 2:00-1:00
Android Android Correct
If I do the same trick with an appointment at 3:00-4:00 everything is shown correctly everywhere.
That made me think it could be related to the +2 timezone?
Any ideas?

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