v16 ActiveSync Battery Life
Question asked by Matthew Mills - 8/29/2017 at 2:32 PM
Since upgrading my server to v16, I have experienced a DRAMATIC decrease in battery life on mobile devices.  This is mostly noticeable on my Samsung S7 (48 hours of battery down to less than 12), but also my iPad (7 days down to about 3) and a Samsung tablet (3 weeks down to about 1).
I contacted support, and while they were responsive, the programmers saw nothing in the ActiveSync log that showed an anomaly.  Not good.
I generally like v16, though I don't use many of the new features, but I am seriously looking at rolling back to v15, as I have seen others are doing.
My question finally.  Is anyone else seeing battery life issues with ActiveSync connections?  If so, have you found a fix?  I should mention that I have IMAP IDLE Command enabled, per an earlier discussion on this matter.

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Paul Blank Replied
IMO you should revert to v15.
Ionel Aurelian Rau Replied
We`ve also experienced a dramatic decrease in battery life after updating to v16, but on the other hand we are seeing better EAS support in v16 both on mobiles and in Outlook 2016, so at least there`s that.

I personally have always had EAS email on the mobile devices set to sync as email arrives (push), but since v16 I`ve had to dial it down to 15 minutes and now to 30 minutes and battery drain is not an issue anymore.
Paul Blank Replied
This is not at all acceptable. I have very few issues with EAS + mobile devices (first using the extinct "Touchdown," and now "Nine" email) on older versions of SM. Another of the many reasons to stay away from v16 for the time being.
Matthew Mills Replied
Thanks for the feedback. I am still having issues and have set my updates to 12 hours. I hope SM fixes this soon, as the attempted rollback to v15 went south. Fortunately it was in a VM, so I reverted to a checkpoint and on about my day.

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