Why does my LiveChat (Live Chat) show that someone is available, when no one is
Problem reported by Merle Wait - 8/23/2017 at 6:22 AM
I noticed that our websites, show that LiveChat is available.
I go to the management panel.
The management panel shows no users from our company are on, except for me,
 ... AND I show unavailable.
Why does Live Chat show we are....\
This is embarrassing if we are showing available when we are not.
Does anyone else have this issue?
This is similar to:
a86217/live-chat-link-displayed-as-online-when-business-is-closed.asp    which was never responded to either

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Employee Replied
Employee Post
Hello Merle.  In looking up your license, it looks like you're on SmarterTrack 12.0. 
A large number of Live Chat fixes have been released since that early version.  I would recommend upgrading to our latest SmarterTrack 12. 
Merle Wait Replied
Yes, I have tried to install the updates.. but the updates fail, so I'll have to open a problem ticket.

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