Outlook 2016 Build 1707 (or earlier) drops EAS Support
Problem reported by James McEachern - 8/22/2017 at 10:35 PM
Discovered with a customers laptop rebuild, cannot connect with EAS anymore with a fresh install
of Outlook 2016. Obviously having contact/calendar and email is nice.
I have this working with my Surface, and multiple accounts, and was setup long ago and 
works today with this build as they are already setup. 
Any ideas?  EWS?

Where is Microsoft going with this plan. I thought SM licensed the technology for 
exactly this purpose.

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Webio Replied
This should solve your problems .. for now:
James McEachern Replied
Presto-changeo! That Idea did pass through my mind, but
I never tried it as I was not at the keyboard.

Did not find that on my own, super thanks!


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