Why does Webmail interface take FOREVER to load in browser?
Question asked by mark finguerra - August 21, 2017 at 8:45 AM
I upgraded recently from 15x to 16x. Now, webmail interface takes literally forever to load in browser. This is not a browser specific issue btw, I'm seeing this on all popular clients, eg firefox chrome ie. This is intolerable for a product touted as 'cutting edge'.
Also, anyone know when global search is being reinstated. 16x destroyed that very useful feature.
I'm having 16x buyer remorse :-/  How hard is it to downgrade?

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Derek Curtis Replied
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Try upgrading to Friday's release. (16.2.6439) It has some more efficiency improvements that will speed up the initial load times across browsers. It also includes Advanced Search. 
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On Version 16.3.6467
This is still an issue for us. It happens to customers with large amounts of email. We have a few users with 200GB+ worth of emails and when clicking on older emails we get a spinning circle and it takes about 10 to 20 seconds to load. Smartermail 15 handled these users without issues.
Sometimes it loads quick other times it doesn't.
I upgraded to latest 16.3.6467. Still snail-like loading in firefox and not much better in chrome. Very disappointing. All of our employees are complaining. Please make this a priority.
Still an issue on the latest version 16.3.6474. Anyone else?
I doubt that ST is holding off on fixing v16 speed issues until the release of v17. I suggest sticking with v15 for the time being, as do many others here.
From other comments, it appears that ST will help with this; it might consume one support incident, if you have those. Maybe ask them.
Nathan Y said: "The past few major releases seem to have been tinkering around the edges rather than fixing the things that matter. Other than making things like ActiveSync and EWS work well perhaps features that would allow for scalability and availability. Let's have the capability to separate IMAP/POP/SMTP and Webmail into separate servers and multiple of each." 
Add Calendars to this "scheme" and I'm in full agreement. Indeed, perhaps all ancillary features should be separate services that can be added as needed.
But ST has doubled-down on pushing v16, while many suffering email admins continue to scratch their heads, and users continue to howl.
Hi Guys,
Same problem here, but I do change the "login background" to improve login to solid color instead of default image, this could gave faster login screen
Hope could help.

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