SM 15 no longer starts with a reboot
Problem reported by Will Diamond - August 15, 2017 at 4:19 PM
SmarterMail Free 15.7
Windows 10
Configured with IIS Server
I have used SmarterMail for many years and have had very few issues.  Recently, SmarterMail does not work after a PC restart.  IIS looks fine, but I get a SmarterMail error trying to logon with a browser on the PC, retrieving mail in Outlook, and my smartphone.  If I right click on the install MSI file and choose Repair everything works fine.
Any suggestions?

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Linda Pagillo Replied
Hi Will. How long do you wait after a reboot to try and access your mail? I'm asking because I have noticed that sometimes after a reboot, the SM service takes a little while to actually start running even though it shows "started" in the Windows services area.
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Merle Wait Replied
What do your server logs say, as the reason that SM is not automatically starting?   If they are set to auto-start and doesn't there will be logs reporting that.
Will Diamond Replied
THe server rebooted last week for an automatic Windows update. It was up over the weekend before I realized that SM was not running.
Will Diamond Replied
I will look...
Will Diamond Replied
Go figure...   I restarted the PC to watch the log files and SM started fine.  First time in a while that has happened.  Guess it fixed itself??
Appreciate the responses!

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