Email Notification gets cancelled
Problem reported by John Christensen - 8/11/2017 at 12:11 PM
Dear Sir or Madam:
My hosting service (DiscountASP.NET) provides SmarterMail and, in general, I like it.  However, for quite a while I've noticed a problem which, until today, I thought might be caused by me inadvertently making a change.  
I have a number of recurrent calendar events wherein I've enabled Email Notification.  The email is my prompt to attend to the event's matter.  Occasionally, I do not receive an expected email and when I investigate, I find the Enable check box is unchecked.  Until today, I've thought I somehow inadvertently unchecked the box.
Today, I failed to receive emails for two "every Friday" events.  When I checked SmarterMail, both Enabled boxes were unchecked.  In my mind, this eliminates the possibility of some inadvertent action on my part.
Note: Both of these events are scheduled to occur weekly (on Friday) and the "Forever" radio button is selected.
Any ideas?

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Paul Blank Replied
Would be good to know what version of SM you're talking about!
John Christensen Replied
Sorry. Version 15.5.6299

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