Robots.txt missing some entries
Problem reported by Simon Sprott - July 30, 2017 at 2:26 AM
The community area link for "Report Abuse" "Edit Reply" etc launch a java script form, but also present a link which appends 'ThreadPanels' to the url and returns the same page. When spiders crawl the site they keep traversing these links recursively.
This causes a number of issues, they sometime keep digging quite a long way generating quite a lot of traffic, also the SEO/crawl reports I've looked at don't like them.
Could you add a rule to the robots.txt file you generate to stop spiders looking at links with 'ThreadPanels' in them.
Maybe something like this
Disallow: /community/*/ThreadPanels/
Sample urls being requested.
http ://'_blank'%20href='https :/'%3Ehttps :/
http ://'_blank'%20href='https :/'%3Ehttps :/
http ://'_blank'%20href='https :/'%3Ehttps :/
http ://'_blank'%20href='https :/'%3Ehttps :/

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