move to new server/datacentre
Question asked by Mike Saunders - 7/27/2017 at 8:54 AM
I have approx 3000 users thats using 600GB of data on my SM server, and i have a new server at a different datacentre where i want to move everything.
any ideas on the best way to move the data?
both servers have a 1GB port and SSD drives

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Ronald Raley Replied
Robocopy is your best friend in this scenario. The first run might take a couple of days. Subsequent runs should take less than a hour.
User Replied
Hi Mike, I was going to recommend robocopy as well. The process outlined here should be sufficient:
Karl Jones Replied
I take it there is no physical access because that would be the best way and then follow up with robocopy or similar option

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