How does the login background image work in SM 16?
Question asked by Brian Davidson - 7/22/2017 at 7:11 AM
Can anyone explain how SmarterMail 16 loads the background images on the login page? It's silly thing and not a huge priority, but I can't figure out how to change them. Running 16.1.x and the help information is pretty weak. What type of folder path is needed for a custom image folder?  How is the photo selected?
I see the "MRS\Interface\img\backgrounds" folder with the images, but even deleting these (and refreshing browser caches) doesn't change the image. Nor does replacing images in this folder.
It's a cool customization feature...but the help file on how to implement it leaves much to be desired. Thanks,

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Derek Curtis Replied
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You can use your own custom folder for background images, rather than replacing the images that are part of the default install. On the Login Display card, simply select "Custom Image Folder on Server" from the Login Background dropdown and type in your own path. SmarterMail will then use that folder for displaying the background images.
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