Hosted Smarter Tack Major Performance Issues
Problem reported by Michael Breines - July 15, 2017 at 1:00 PM
We've been encountering major performance problems with Smarter Track the last 48 hours+. We've been told is due to a DDOS attack at your data-center's network carrier. We've been trying to communicate with you about status because we're currently dead in the water. I'm guessing we haven't heard back because your support instance of ST is also down. 
Any idea when you will have a handle on the attack so the service will be operational again? We would have expected this be resolved within 12 hours or less. 

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Hi Michael, we're actively troubleshooting these issues internally and will update this thread as new information becomes available. Our support portal is up and running though if you'd like to submit a support ticket. We should have more information on this soon.

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