Slow Performance is SM16 after upgrade from SM15
Problem reported by Hariharan Ponnuvel - 7/15/2017 at 3:28 AM
After Upgrade From SM15 to SM16 there is a huge slow performance happened , Everyone wants previous version of Smartermail. Kindly help to resolve the issue or downgrade the Smartermail. Thanks    

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Assin Ontivi Replied
After seeing all the issues and complaints on this forum, it's shocking that SM16 is considered fit for general release.
Alain Néris Replied
Huge indeed !
Michael Gralke Augusto Replied

I had great hopes and invested in a new server solely for SM16, believing that it would be beneficial in gaining new clients.

My plan was to test it properly and then move our existing clients one by one from SM15 due to the new interface etc..

I have given up completely on SM16 when 2 weeks ago the automatic installer complete wrecked IIS on this new server.

I was so upset that I actually not contacted anyone from ST and just shut down and returned the server, after having paid around €600 for nothing, plus my time.

Thing is that SM16 is not only NOT READY, but also a year late and therefore delaying new releases of SmarterStats and SmarterTrack!

PS I am currently considering outsourcing all my SM15 clients to O365 or similar.

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