Prevent users from changing passwords?
Question asked by Connie DeCinko - 7/12/2017 at 3:08 PM
Is it possible to block users from changing their password via any user interface?  We are looking at SSO options and one possible solution would be to require users to only change their SM password via our own custom page that makes the change via the SM API.

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Hi Connie.  End-user password changing can be disabled.  This has to be done at the end-user level, however you could easily propagate this setting to all users 
In SmarterMail 16, manage the domain as a Domain Administrator
  1. Click on Domain Settings >> Accounts
  2. Click the User Defaults button
  3. Turn on "Disable Password Changes"
  4. Click the Propagate button
  5. Put a check mark in the "Disable Password Changes", and select "All Users" in the "Push To" slide down.
  6. Click the Propagate button again.  
This will turn off password changes for all users within the domain.  Hope this helps!
Connie DeCinko Replied
Would we still be able to change their password via the API? We are trying to create the closest thing we can to a SSO for SmarterMail. We will be using Okta for our website login and wish to use the same credentials for a user to login to their mail, no matter how they connect.

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