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Idea shared by John Cotter - 7/11/2017 at 7:02 AM
Was looking at the new features in version 16 and would have been really nice to see backup being built into Smartermail.
It is probably the only real painful thing to have to control as email is so important to everyone and with group chats etc etc in the system too an easy backup faciliity would be really useful.
Backing up email is not necessarily as easy as keeping copies of other apps and files, right?
Live syncing (dropbox, onedrive or my favorite DattoDrive) possibly not feasable and spot regular other full backups of email not always easy unless you have lots of time to dedicate to it as it can literally take hours and hours to do a back up of a relatively small email server like Smartermail.
A good backup facility built into Smartermail would really set it apart from other email solutions.
How about this for an idea or is it crazy. Smartermail created it's own mirrored data on the same server (i.e. duplicate mirrored copy) and that was then sync's to an a serperate server (e.e. dropbox, onedrive or Datto Drive.
Or is there anything wrong with syncing the Smartermail folders to DattoDrive (onedrive or dropbox) so there is an off server copy as one form on live rolling backup (then take fixed backups daily, weekly or whatever was perferred.
Not tried syncing the Smartermail folders to via one of the syncing apps but at least that would be one way?
PLUS.... moving servers
I have the nightmare of moving Smartermail from a dedicated server (off site in a data centre) to a new dedicated server (same provider). Moving live rolling constandly changing data of 16 GB plus only seems possible by using somethjing like DattoDrive sync (or perhaps onedrive) to ensure the new server matches the old server before changing the DNS MX setting to point to the new server for a fluid hopehully smooth seemly server move, right?
Thanks for any imput on backup and moving servers (I am reasonably techy but not a programmer etc.)

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We have about 20k users with around 6TB of data, we use Macrium Reflect to handle it and it does so like a champ.

Then we have some custom scripts that move the backup files offsite.

We've done 2 migrations of this data set in the past few years, Beyond Compare has been INCREDIBLE. Automatically syncs the data to the new system in live until we are ready to move SmarterMail itself, shut it down, run 1 final sync and we are good go.

Though DNS changes were never needed, we simply just change the new server to the same IP.
What might actually help, is when an administrator is logged in to SmarterMail, and they open the Online help and search for the word backup, it might be helpful if the admin did not see

Backup and Restore Information

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