Smartermail 16 stable?
Question asked by Ryan Sather - July 7, 2017 at 9:05 PM
I run a small web hosting company and don't have a lot of time to deal with tech issues, is SM 16 considered stable yet?  I still see a lot of updates being issues, and know that there will always be bugs, but looking for info if it'd be safe to upgrade at this time or if I should wait longer?

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Mostafa Arabameri Replied
do not update - its have many problem
in interface - with plesk - on speed an more
viv burrows Replied
If you don't use Plesk we have no real issues either for admin or end users, for us it is now down to the nice to haves.
Karl Jones Replied
I updated my clients too soon. I am clicking like crazy trying to find my way around the admin screens as they are not yet intuitive to me, sorry but whoever said this was an admins dream meant nightmare....
I now have a user reporting that sending emails to one person from the history list are being received by someone else....??!?!?!??

I would wait
Derek Curtis Replied
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Ryan, the choice is up to you. To start, you may want to download the Free Edition, install it and look around. Get comfortable with where things are, the interface, etc. We have well over 1,000,000 users on SmarterMail 16.x at this point, and well over 100,000 domains as well. Most major issues are resolved, and the .1 will be coming in a couple of weeks. Even if you decide to wait for that, it may still be worthwhile downloading the Free Edition and giving it a test run. 
Derek Curtis
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Ryan Sather Replied
Unfortunately I dont have access to another server so as much as I'd like to try the free version I cannot. Based on the above, as much as I want to get onto 16 I think I'll wait for the .1 release if it's only a couple weeks out.
Damir Matešić Replied
No.. i wouldn't install it. To many open issues and non happy users. If you relay on WEB mail feature.

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