Error "Cannot read property maxSize of undefined" after upgrading to SM16
Problem reported by Camilo Torres - July 6, 2017 at 7:03 PM
After upgrading to Smarter Mail 16, i'm getting the following error as a red popup message on the lower right conner of the screen: "Cannot read property maxSize of undefined" when clicking on Manage on any domain while logged as a sysadmin.
I can see the domain information, but even if a do a change, the "Save" button doesn't get enabled.
This is happening on Chrome and IE11 and no errors are showing on the debugger's console of the browsers.
I'm also experiencing issues while changing the password of users (the process tells that it was completed, but the password does't change) and i cannot do the impersonation of users because it shoots me back to the domain admin screen.
I'm really disappointed of having upgraded to v16.

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