Improvements on Content Filtering
Idea shared by Andrew Soncha Jr. - 7/6/2017 at 4:31 PM
First, it's good to hear there is plan to configure the removal of the preview pane and resize the list pane.  It was a major setback losing these features in 16.
Second, although it's nice to paginate the the content filters, how do find an existing one to edit?  If you have over 400 content filters you either have to sort by column and find the right page, or go through all of them.  In 15, when they were all on a single page, it was possible to use the F3 page search feature of the browser to find the filter you wanted to edit (or just see if it exists so you don't duplicate).  The proposed feature then is to add a search field at the top of the content filter page to basically filter the filters to see if one exists or find the one you want to edit.
Third, as an extension of the above, Outlook allows coloring the email in the list based on some criteria.  For example, the content filters in the second item above adds a [mass] to the subject.  The Color tagging of the email list can then use [mass] in the subject to set the email to display in a light gray; thus allowing mass mailing to be more easily overlooked. Conversely, something the contact filters tagged with [client] shows as bright red.
The colorization feature along with removing the preview pane greatly assists in time management by showing what's important and allowing prioritization... green is news, blue is vendor, red is client, light gray is mass mailing, etc.  Category tagging would also help this.

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I hate (maybe not a strong enough word??) the pagination in SmarterMail now. I wish they would give a global option to list all items always.
Amen to that!

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