How to get a list of al incoming email addresses?
Question asked by Roberto Coindreau - 7/6/2017 at 9:21 AM
I would like to get a list of all incoming email addresses. (The FROM field).
I wouldn't mind if they were per account or per domain.
Is this possible?

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Merle Wait Replied
Not sure why you want a list of all incoming emails...  
BUT (at least for me) - it would be great if a list could be generate of all the emails that are in the contacts, so that we could auto- approve initial spam filters (or grey list ) ?
Even if there is some mechanism to do that on  THE mail server.. when one has 4 inbound email servers.... everybody and everyone goes through all the spam checks anyway... which takes up a lot time/resources....  I know that after all the spam checks.. it looks at addresses.. but it would be great if it did that BEFORE everything else.
Roberto Coindreau Replied
I might have worded my question incorrectly.

Basically what I want is a list of all the incoming domains. (apple.com / gmail.com / company1.com / etc....)

I want to this to more easily block domains that only send SPAM.

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