Error of 16x : Embed Image Error
Problem reported by Network Exabytes - June 27, 2017 at 7:35 PM
To Person Whom May Concern
There is several error reported by user after upgrade to smartermail16x. Please assist to fix the error below.

User encountered a problem that the remove action on the embed image is not removed entirely from the compile message and remain a scratch under the mail transmission and expose the first message on recipient ends, where it is a huge problem.

More descriptive example / scenario as below.
User using direct paste actiont to embed an image (Image A) and found the image is not the right image where decided to remove it and embed again another right image / photo (Image B) into the same compile message. The message looks in the right conditions. But when the recipient receive the message, they will receive any extra attach document which is (Image A) as an attachement where (Image B) as embed image. Which is a big problem throughout.

Please arrange to fix.

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Scott Carullo Replied
I just opened a ticket on this an hour ago since the forums were not getting us the responses we were hoping for when mentioning bugs. I'm not worried about opening a ticket because I know its a bug and it will be refunded to me but at least now support will be accountable for ticket and will respond... We hope its fixed soon its basic email functionality.
Matt Lyons Replied
Any update on this problem? My users are experiencing this too and they are screaming at me. We just installed 16 last week.
SmarterMail Enterprise Edition - Version: 16.0.6397

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