Is it possible to 'easily' Migrate Mail and Folders to another username? SM 12
Question asked by Rolf Jacobs - 11/25/2014 at 2:39 PM
We have an unsavvy user that has managed to turn his mailbox into a SPAM magnet.
We have since disabled his account and created a new account with a slightly different username.  He would like us to move his folder structure over to the new 'different' username so he can access old mail.  Is there an easy way to export his folder structure on the old account and simply import that structure on his new account?
I can also see this being useful for a one employee taking over another employees account in the event of their absence.

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Hello Rolf,
Thanks for the inquiry. You may want to review our Knowledge Base article on restoring a user mailbox.
Although this is similar to what you are trying to accomplish you may want to consider taking the same steps except either removing the content of the mailbox folders and remove the mailbox.cfg files in each folder.  I presume that you are looking to use the same folders but not carry over the emails ?
Please let us know if you have any questions and open a Support Ticket if you need further assistance.
Thank You.
Rolf Jacobs Replied
Actually, I do in fact want to carry the emails along with the folders.

The user whose account was suspended and a new account created, wants to be able to access his old emails for reference. There are names and contact info etc. that he wants to access.

Let me know your thoughts. In the mean time, I'll check out the article.

I seem to recall seeing some of the techniques suggested and most included using the SAME account name. This is the changeling part, It's not the same username.

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