[FEATURE REQUEST] Ability to Customize Browser Tab Title in SM16
Idea shared by Shaun Peet - 6/11/2017 at 7:01 AM
The <title></title> property in the HTML currently has (from what I can tell) two values - either the email address of the person logged in as a user, or "SmarterMail 16.x" in all other cases - including the login screen.
I would like the title of the browser tab to indicate that this person is logging into our hosted mail solution.  Whether or not it's powered by SmarterMail 16.x is more-or-less irrelevant to the end-user, however, I'd be ok if that were in the title too.  So my login page would have the title of either:
"MBSportsWeb Hosted Email" or "MBSportsWeb Hosted Email powered by SmarterMail 16.x"

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Is this something being considered for an upcoming weekly build of version 16.0 or is this a .1 or later thing?
I am also interested in this ...
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We are all interested in this :)
This is something that definitely needs added.  We've seen where a simple search in Yahoo and Google for our email server name are bringing up results for other customers SmarterMail implementation (including somebody else's before ours!)  We've noticed it with a couple of other SmarterMail customers as well.  We immediately modified our login page with logo and such (which I believe SmarterMail should be telling all their customers to do because of this) to differentiate it from the other company, but it still shows the same page title as other SmarterMail clients.
I posted this in the other thread... here's a solution at least until you update to a new version.
modify MRS/Interface/output/site.js    Search for the string pageTitle?t.pageTitle: in the minified JS and change the string that follows in quotes.  The default is set to "SmarterMail 16.x" so change that string to "My Awesome Email Name" of your choice.  This changes for login, and super admin pages.  Do the same for modify MRS/Interface/output/meeting-workspace.js and setup-wizard.js    That should replace any instance of where "SmarterMail 16.x" is displayed in the browser tab.
When users login, their email is in the tab.  Note that these files will be overwritten with any updates and the changes will have to be reapplied.  Same goes for overwriting the generic favicon.
Ultimately, these should be fields for SuperAdmin to fill in as configurable values.
Andrea Free Replied
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This option was added to SmarterMail in the Build 6911 release on Dec 3, 2018:
"Added: Custom Title Text has been added to the Login Display customization options and allows administrators to customize the title of the login page to something more in line with an overall brand message." 

System Administrators can go to Settings > General Settings to add 'Custom Title Text' on the Login Display card. If 'Custom Title Text' is left blank, SmarterMail's login page will show the default text of "SmarterMail" in the browser tab title. Note that when a system administrator is logged in, the custom title text will appear on all pages. In addition, if the login display for a domain is not set to default or overridden, users will see the custom title text on the login page only, with their email address displayed as the browser title for all other pages.

Andrea Free
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