questions/problems about new SmarterMail webmail
Question asked by Giovanni Zomer - June 7, 2017 at 11:12 PM
beautiful layout, but it doesn't work as good as former versions!
- continuous problems with selecting (from mail - to mail i.e.), it doesn't work as expected (as normally in each
  program and as it was in former versions), that means it doesn't always select what the user selected!
- questions
  - where is the configuration of inbound rules (each mail from x should be moved to folder y)?
  - where is the full search? now it's only possible to search within a folder, that means I have to know which
    folder the searched mail is in ... but I don't :)
... and the last question ... is there a possibilty to get actual smarterMail but to use the former version of
webmail? that would solve all problems :)

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