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Question asked by Damir Matešić - 6/7/2017 at 7:06 AM
Hi, I have a question about the mailbox migration option.
Is it possible to start one migration and after few days to rerun it.
What will happen?
Will i have duplicate mail items in that case? Is it possible to just add missing items (e.g. new e-mail messages recived in last 7 days).

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Von-Austin See Replied
Employee Post
Running a new migration a few days later will import duplicates. At this time it is not possible to bring over just the last 7 days of e-mail.
You may want to consider setting up an IMAP retrieval account under Settings -> My Settings -> Advanced -> Mailbox Migration. you can configure the IMAP account to bring everything into a subfolder instead of your main Inbox. Once the process downloads all of your messages you can drag the items you wish to keep to your Inbox. Once this has been complete, you can remove the IMAP Retrieval account and delete the messages pulled into the specified folder. 
I hope this helps.
Von See
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Damir Matešić Replied
Thnx. I will think about it.
echoDreamz Replied
Give https://imapsync.lamiral.info/ a try, we have a client who does something similar to this and uses this to do so without creating duplicates.
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While Mailbox Migration cannot be used to pull only new items, Message Retrieval can.
Message retrieval can be set to a specific folder or your root folder and will start by pulling all messages, after that it will pull only the new emails.
Damir Matešić Replied

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