Adding multiple emails to conditions of an event
Question asked by Mahdi Asgari - 5/30/2017 at 9:29 PM
Hi all,
I am using the newly released Smartermail 16. My problem is I want to add multiple emails to "From Address" Condition of an event with "Doesn't Equal" operator but I can't seem to do it. I have thought of some workarounds but I can't seem to know how to make any of them happen:
1. If the condition have the operator "Doesn't Contain", I can solve my issue but currently it doesn't have.
2. If I can create another "Message Sent" event to prevent some emails from being sent, I can include each address in one event and prevent the email from being sent, but there isn't any action for preventing the email from being sent.
3. If I can use the Command Line Action somehow to prevent the email from being sent, I can use that as an action for the above event, but sadly I don't know how to use this option and Can't seem to find any help online.
It is highly appreciated if I can receive any kind of help or guidance regarding this matter.
Thanks in advance

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Mahdi Asgari Replied
Just want to post a follow up. After getting no response here I tried different solutions, but every one of them failed E.g. adding multiple emails divided by ;. Still waiting for a solution here, it seems an easy thing to do, honestly I am a bit disappointed that this feature has not been implemented in SM yet.

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