Bring back timestamp on previous days emails.
Idea shared by Barbara Renowden - 5/30/2017 at 9:30 AM
I had a client bring this to my attention this morning. When looking at the list of emails and they are from the previous day or days the date shows but the timestamp is missing in the email list. 
Here is a screen shot from an image I was able to find on the web, it is in Chinese but it is the visual that is important.  Notice the time stamp next to the dates.
Next here is a screenshot from our client this morning.
Notice the time stamp is missing it just shows the dates.  

Barbara Renowden President / Co-Founder Centric Web, Inc.

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Andrea Rogers Replied
Employee Post
Hi Barbara,
At this time, it's been decided that timestamps will remain as they are. Timestamps can be seen on the current day's emails, but only the date will appear for previous days. Please understand that this does match the functionality of many other email clients and applications available today, including Gmail and Outlook. 
We do appreciate your feedback and hope that you continue to post your suggestions.
Thank you!  

Andrea Rogers
SmarterTools Inc.

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