Content Filters no longer working after transition to SM16
Problem reported by Robert S. Randazzo - 5/24/2017 at 9:07 AM
Last week we transitioned from SM15 to SM16, and so far it has been a good transition.
A few of our users are reporting that since the transition to SM16, various content filters that they have set up no longer appear to be working. 
I spent some time investigating, and I have a working theory as to why- but I am not certain it is accurate:
We have a half dozen internal company email lists that employees belong to as needed.
Many employees use content filtering to keep the communication coming across those email lists in designated folders.
content filtering is no longer working for this purpose.
Working Theory:
If we have white listed our own domain to make it exempt from spam filtering, did something change within SM16 that has linked content filtering to spam filtering, and thus white listing our own domain is causing the content filters to be bypassed when mail comes in from one of our internal mailing lists?
Or:  Is something else afoot with content filtering in SM16 and I am the first to run across it?
Thanks for any input/ideas.
Robert S. Randazzo

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Hi Robert.  I'm not seeing an issue with Content Filtering.  What is the filter that's not working for you?

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