SM 16 installer hangs on Configuring Windows features.
Problem reported by Vincent Parrett - 5/20/2017 at 9:14 PM
I'm trying to upgrade my SM15 instance to SM16 (latest) on windows server 2008 (not R2) 64bit and the install just sits on Configuring Windows Features for forever (I gave up after 20 minutes, extent of my downtime window). I tried again after restoring 15, same result. 
I know the system requirements say 2008 R2, but not sure why it wouldn't run on non R2 64 bit, I have .net 4.6.2 installed and a bunch of other .net software runs just fine. I'm not in a position to upgrade the OS just yet, it will be a few months before we have a new server available. Has anyone else managed to install on 2008? 

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Hi Vincent, we have tested upgrades from 15-->16 on Server 2008 R2 and these upgrades complete successfully. The two points I'd like to offer are: 1. The 'Configuring Windows Features' portion of the installer did take some time to complete in my 2008 R2 environment. 2. Ensure you have completed an uninstall of 15 before installing 16, as installing on top can lead to issues. In conclusion though, we recommend you update to at least Server 2008 R2 to have the most optimal install experience.
Neil Skea Replied
For interest sake for anyone who hits this issue in future - a possible solution - I had this same issue and opened a ticket with SM support. Apparently my disk IO was quite high due to a backup utility I use on my SM box. We switched this off temporarily and the installation went through OK.
Jason Sherrill Replied
I, too, experienced this, but after pausing a particular backup service that was running, the installer started again after about an 11 minute stall. It may have been coincidence or just lucky timing, but nonetheless it is worth noting here that the installer did eventually resume.
Anthony DePinto Replied
We had to reboot to stop the web server and then the installer ran. We've also had a bigger problem where each minor upgrade is not detecting the correct path. We have it installed on D: and the updates keep reverting back to the default of C:. Not a huge deal, but we have to make sure it's changed before hitting install.

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