Will ClamAV Catch WannaCry?
Question asked by David Jamell - 5/13/2017 at 6:56 AM
I went to the ClamAV Website hoping to find out if it catch WannaCry but there is no information.
Anyone know if WannaCry can get through?

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Nathan Y Replied
I have not checked if it is in standard definitions but you can define a custom yara rule to detect it:
Matthew Titley Replied
This was my first thought this morning. ClamAV is okay but it doesn't give me that really warm and fuzzy feeling.
Is anyone successfully using a command line scanner? I have SEP 12 installed on the mail server but it doesn't scan the message store nor the spool. I've tried to set up a command line option in SM to use it but it just hasn't worked. Anyone have a working command line syntax config for this? Or another good layer of protection ON the server rather than just ClamAV?

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