[SM16 UI] Less Emphasis on Disposable Address
Idea shared by kevind - May 11, 2017 at 7:14 PM
If you're into porn or something illegal, you might need a disposable address. Otherwise, it's a rarely used feature.
However, SM16 emphasizes this feature and gives it deluxe functionality:
  • When you right-click on any folder, Disposable Address is on the menu.
  • There's a dedicated Disposable Address icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • When you assign a disposable address to a folder, it puts a little icon on it.
  • There's a countdown clock for the disposable address.
  • You can Revoke or Extend the Disposable Address.
This is impressive, but it's not really what users need and all the emphasis will lead to questions and confusion. Can it be turned off or toned down?
Would like to see this effort put into other parts of SmarterMail. Right now you can't even move a folder. For example, if you have a Trump folder, you can't make it a subfolder under Presidents.

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I didn't care much for disposable addresses either. I have a lot of users that utilize plus addressing and alias addresses. I quickly surveyed them and didn't find anyone that used one of these disposable addresses. If they needed a disposable address they just created an alias then deleted it when they were done with it.
Maybe the disposable address button could be turned into a shortcut to create an alias address instead. When opened the user could type in the alias they want to use, where it goes and how long it will remain active. But this time provide the option to make it permanent if they want it for long term use. 
Robert Emmett Replied
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Kevin and Shaun, please note that the drag-and-drop is for e-mail messages or file storage files only. It does not apply to drag-and-drop folders.  Folder drag-and-drop still will require the menu action to move a folder to a new parent.
We have deemed moving folders with drag-and-drop as unnecessary because of the increased confusion or accidental moving of folders.
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I would like to suggest that the status of this thread be changed to either under consideration or declined.
I think the one place the disposable address could probably go away is the right-click context menu on the folders.  To me that context menu should be all about actions related to the existing messages in that folder - such as "mark all read", "mark all unread", "delete all", etc - or moving folders around.
Hopefully that part can be put under consideration because right now the context menu for right-clicking a folder has very little value IMO.

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