AddAlias(string AuthUserName, string AuthPassword, string DomainName, string AliasName, AliasAdminService.ArrayOfString Addresses)
Question asked by Matthew James - 5/4/2017 at 11:10 PM
I'm consuming the web service to create alias and I'm having trouble with the last parameter:
.ArrayOfString Addresses
Can anyone provide a sample or assist me on how to use or construct this thing? Is there a Bug?
UPDATE: I created both a list of strings and array list an still get error
cannot convert from system.collections.generic.list to AddAnAlias.ArrayOfString
Some code:
 //Create email alias
AddAnAlias.svcAliasAdminSoapClient svcAddAlias = new AddAnAlias.svcAliasAdminSoapClient();
                string[] arrEmails = new string[] { Email.Value };
                List<string> lstEmails = new List<string>(); // Create new list of strings
                lstEmails.Add("test@whateverdomain.com"); // Add string 1
                svcAddAlias.AddAlias("name", "pw", "domain", aliasID", lstEmails);

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Matthew James Replied
So just in case anyone encounters a similar issue - I solved it myself.
When adding a service, by default in VS2017 web service is not selected and is rather "hidden". Ensuring you add "web service" reference solves it.

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