Insert Iframe/section for dynamic banner
Question asked by Erik White - May 4, 2017 at 1:02 PM
We'd like to create a header section next to the logo ("SmarterMail 15.5 Enterprise" text along top-left corner) that spans 150 x 400 px for the purpose of displaying image info/tips. We are setting up an array of different tips/messages as images to be displayed, and they will switch out with eachother on a timelapse within the Banner. 
Will this require creating a new Iframe? Has this been done before? Any tips on how to proceed? 
My initial thoughts are to define a new section :after the #PageHeader h1, however, I will also require Javascript to identify the section and then to transition the images themselves. I am very comfortable altering js files, and very careful in doing so. Shoud I append to the root.js?
Fishing for suggestions here. Thanks

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Essentially how to create a new element in the DOM
But in a specific location - the top section between the header logo and the account/help dropdown/ reminders tab

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