Email not being - stuck in spool with waiting to deliver
Question asked by Frederic de Comarmond - 4/27/2017 at 8:47 AM
I have recently migrated SM 14.x from one server to another.. While so doing I have installed SM 15.x
The migration went well, with all the domains and users loading on the interface.
I have also updated the MX record, and DNS has propagted well.
Emails started flowing, then 2 hours after now no users are able to send emails. Only incomings are flowing.
The spool is increasing and so is the waiting to delivery.
I went through the Knowledge Base and tried some solutions but none seem to help?
Woulld anyone have an idea please?
Thank you.

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Hi Frederic. Right-click on one of the messages, go to View and then Recipients. What message do you see there? Does it say Pending or is it an error such as a 601 error? If it is a 601 error, you may want to check the DNS servers that you are using in SmarterMail and change them to Google's DNS servers ( and Once you do that, restart the SM service and then try forcing a send on one of the messages in the spool. If it leaves the spool for delivery, then you know it was a DNS issue.
Hi Linda.

Yes it say pending
No 601 error.
After several retries the email will eventually leave the spool.

Some pending have error messages like ' Too many spams from my IP'

I guess they are genuine reasons for staying in the spool.

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Frederic, I sincerely apologize for the delay in my response. I wasn't emailed when you responded to this back on the 1st. I'm sure you have figured this out by now, but I wanted to follow up regardless. Please let me know if you are still seeing this issue and if you would like some help with it. Thanks!
Mathew Akoto Replied
I also face this kind of issues, once a while some of the emails are stuck in the pool though primary dns: In a day 5 or 6 times i get this error... is there any IMAP/POP3 number of Connections has to be changed and i get the error message 421 - too many connections for some users and for some Internal Server error. any idea ? Thanks..
kk tiu Replied
Dear Sir
Recently mail aliases address keep stuck at spool and was not able to delivery
Below is system version
SmarterMail Enterprise Edition
Version: 16.3.6592
Please help
From Dominic

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