Question asked by Steve Guluk - 4/25/2017 at 11:49 AM
As more trends point to greater Cloud integration, what are peoples thoughts about running SmarterMail in the Cloud. Are there places where we can already rent installations of SmarterMail in a Cloud configuration?
Reason would be to cost costs and not have to run a dedicated server.
Note: I've read this article from a few years back and agree with the IT's perspective. Just thinking that maybe there are some viable cloud resources out there?

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Hi Steve.  I've run across quite a few cloud installs running on Amazon's AWS service with no issues related to the environment.  The biggest thing I've heard to watch out for is to make sure IP addresses don't get rotated, which some services do.
kevind Replied
Hi Steve,
We are a SmarterTools authorized Lease-Reseller and can offer you a complete cloud-based solution for SmarterMail. We take care of all the setup and configuration of the server and software. Also, we install updates, perform general maintenance, and monitor 24x7 so your email service is worry-free. You get an admin account to manage users, free tech support, and a single monthly invoice. If interested, click on my name above to start a private conversation.

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