Issues with country specific spam (
Problem reported by Patrick Ryan - 3/30/2017 at 9:09 AM
I've seen several threads praising for their country specific lists. However, all the examples that I'm seeing seem obsolete and no longer available on SEM. 
I have found this: 
I can't use hyperlinks apparently... my account doesn't allow it yet. But the example is on spam eating monkey... Look at the services for SEM-COUNTRY.
Perhaps that's the replacement? The problem is, I'm trying to target Brazil (.br) in my spam settings, as I'm getting a lot of spam from them and they somehow pass all the tests with flying colors. Nothing seems to work though. Perhaps my settings are wrong.
Required Lookup:
Enabled: True
Bitmap Checking: False
Any ideas? I'm using regex for now, but would like to leverage a country specific list like this. 

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