Mail Priority’s Not working propertly
Problem reported by J Lee - March 17, 2017 at 8:07 PM
Hi Guys/Gals
Issue: Inconsistent behavior from Smartermail service
I have found that Smartermail seems to pick Outgoing smtp settings randomly and does not follow the Priority List.
I believe smartermail service gets Priority 1 and Priority 10 confused or sees them as the same number, not sure but would like to get feedback anyone else is seeing this.

J. Sebastian Lee Service2Client LLC 6333 E Mockingbird Ste 147 Dallas, TX 75214 - 877.251.3273

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J, I reported similar findings back in 2015, but it didn't get much attention.
IMO, the whole spool priority thing should just be eliminated as it's a complicated setup that isn't really needed with today's powerful servers and high-bandwidth connections. It's a carry over from when servers were connected with fractional T1's (384Kbps) and sending a 5MB attachment would delay everybody else's messages.

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