Time/Date stamps and making the text for IDS Blocks selectable.
Idea shared by network admin - 3/2/2017 at 3:33 PM
So I monitor the Current IDS Blocks pretty regularly throughout the day.  I like to keep my eye on the email server as I consider it a primary point of entry for attacks, malware and the like.  I am also pretty proactive in looking at those IP's nets, and countries.  I am not beyond willingness to slap a firewall rule in place to block all traffic from a network that is causing problems.  A time/date stamp on the automatically generated block gives me an idea of when and where in the logs to view a problem that is occurring.  Another slow down is not being able to select the text to copy and paste the data to either another file or to use it in configuration of firewall rules or further research into who, what and where that IP network is. 

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