how to upload pop mail to server
Question asked by Mokhtar Moithu - 2/24/2017 at 12:43 AM
Hi All. I want to ask is there any way to reupload the dowloaded email?
I am using outlook on my pc. Since the connection is using pop3. the email has being removed from the server. therefore i am not being able to view the email from the smarter mail web.
i have change my connection to imap. however the old email is not there.
is there any way for me to reupload the email to the server.

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Hello Mokhtar.  This can be accomplished by the following steps.
  1. In Outlook, export the contents of your POP3 account to a .PST file.
  2. Remove the POP3 account from Outlook.
  3. In Outlook, create a new IMAP account.
  4. Import your PST file into your IMAP account in Outlook.  This will then sync these messages back to the web interface.

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