Chrome Zoom, preview pane size causes search box rendering to miss text box
Problem reported by network admin - 2/17/2017 at 3:49 PM
So I have images of this but I can's port them.  And a big shout out to Andrea for the fix.  Wanted the community to be aware of the issue. One of my end users called saying that his search box in the webmail interface on chrome was not working.  Visually this is a large whitespace to the left side of the inbox between the menu icons and the list of emails in the inbox folder and the search box does not appear to function.  If you look closely you see the tops of the S and the h in Search below the actual search box magnifying lens.  Andrea was able to recreate the error in Chrome.  Zoom Chrome to 110% and set the preview pane width to something other than the default.  To fix it change that zoom to something other than 110% and slide the size the preview pane some.  Then hit refresh for the browser.  

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