When reinstalling same version, do I need to uninstall first?
Question asked by Scott Swain - 1/12/2017 at 1:30 PM
I may have some corrupt files, so I'm thinking I want to reinstall this 10.7 version.
I noticed in your instructions on the knowledge base that you recommend uninstalling the old version when doing a minor upgrade. Does that advice apply to when I'm just reinstalling the exact same version?
I'm assuming config data is all saved when you do the uninstall, so I won't lose domains, users, email, etc.?

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Scarab Replied
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Yes, all of your data (domains, users, emails) and program settings will be intact when uninstalling/reinstalling. Only the program files are affected with a uninstall.
However, to be on the safe side I would uninstall prior to reinstalling even if they are the same minor version. The reason being is that there are files that need to be registered in the Registry and added to the GlobalAssembly for .NET. Multiple instances of these could potentially cause unintended issues.
Linda Pagillo Replied
Also, another tip... after you uninstall, reboot your server before you reinstall. I have performed literally hundreds of upgrades and reinstalls over the years and I have had problems occur if I didn't reboot after the uninstall.
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