Imported emails not visible after IMAP mailbox migration
Problem reported by W. Troy Leaver - January 12, 2017 at 10:37 AM
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I have a client migrating from cPanel email (Dovecot IMAP server) to SmarterMail Enterprise 15.4.6151 (the latest).
Most of the IMAP migration has gone well, but there is one user in particular for which the migration goes smoothly and reports 1484 email imported, and yet when it's complete, there is nothing visible from webmail. The storage usage is close to 700MB after the migration, so it seems the data is there, but none of it is visible.
I've re-indexed the mailbox and have restarted the SmarterMail service, but no change.

Has anyone else seen something like this?

I also had a client report email missing suddenly from his important folders without having deleted anything, so I wonder if there is some sort of bug I'm encountering.

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The last time I did an IMAP mailbox migration there was such a delay that I tried to rerun it 6 times, each time appearing like it completed but nothing was there in the Inbox. Apparently it was still queued and in process (in the end I got 7 copies of each of 546,000 messages, turning a 15GB mailbox into a 105GB mailbox!).
If the mailbox being imported is significantly large it can take quite a long while before it completes (for me it took 12+ hours for the mailbox mentioned above. The hundreds of IMAP mailboxes I migrated before that one were pretty quick and only took 5-10 minutes). But now that you mentioned it, the last one that took a long time was also a Dovecot IMAP Server as well. I'm wondering if that can be an issue, not just the mailbox size.
Have you looked to see if there are still items in the \Smartermail\IMAP Retrieval\ folder? If so, then the import is still in process.
Thanks for the ideas Scarab! I'm feeling pretty foolish right now--I don't know if I bothered to click the + to the left of the Inbox to expand the tree earlier. The folders are all there and full of emails. I'll have to chalk this up to working too early in the morning, pre-coffee!

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