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Question asked by Jay Altemoos - 12/27/2016 at 10:49 AM
Good day everyone. I hope everyone's holiday was good. I have a question about the "Shared Resources" section on the domain level of SmarterMail. So I have a client that wants to start sharing a calendar company wide for all their employees. So this can be handled a few different ways and explain the ways they can share the calendar. Well my client doesn't want to share their personal calendar in SM, but does want to have a calendar that is shared. So looking through the SM interface there is a section under Domain settings for Shared resources. I figure, OK, let's make a calendar there to share. Well all fine and dandy if you are using webmail, the issue arises when it comes time to add this calendar to Outlook using the add to Outlook feature. The domain shared calendar never populates as a choice to send to Outlook. So what is the point of having groupware and a shared resources section if the users can't add this shared calendar to their email client? Is there something I am missing here? we have licensing for ActiveSync as well.
I even downloaded and tested the calendar in version 15.4.6151 on our secondary mail server. We run SmarterMail Enterprise edition on both primary and secondary. Get the same results. Can't add to Outlook. All I get is the user's calendar and that's it. I don't even see the domain shared calendar from the user's side even though I have it attached and I have full control of it. Now here's the weird issue, I can add entries to that shared resource calendar but I never see them on the calendar itself. So how do I even get to that calendar in the first place? It makes no sense why I can add entries to it but I can't see what I added. Am I missing something? This happens in both 14.5.5907 (primary server) and 15.4.6151 (secondary server testing)
Edited: Never mind on not being able to see the domain shared resource calendar from the user side. I forgot to check the option for shared calendars under the domain sharing options. Now I can see the calendar on the users side I gave rights to. Still seems like a major bug that if you don't have shared calendars available to still share a domain calendar and add entries to it but never see it.

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Jay Altemoos Replied
Also why is it that you can only share your Primary calendar and not a secondary calendar you created? The only options I get when I selected shared resources under a user account on gives me "My Calendar" and I never get a choice of selecting the other calendar I created.

On a side note, I created a workaround for my client. What I did was create a company email address and shared the primary calendar out so I could populate those to Outlook. Still makes no sense why we can create a domain shared calendar but never allow the user to add the domain calendar to Outlook or any other email client for that matter.

Any idea why the "Get CalDAV URLs" never show the shared calendar I am attached to? The Add to Outlook button works fine.

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