IP Addresses to include GEOgraphics
Idea shared by Dave Stuart - 12/22/2016 at 5:11 PM
I have been evaluating SmarterStats as I want to see who and from where people are reaching my site. The IP Addresses page is very useful but it would be even more useful if it included City (and State/Province/Region) and Country (with the flag icon) on the page so I know where that IP address is coming from rather than having to copy the IP Address into IP Location dot com. which I have been doing. I know this information is available with in SmarterStats but ideally I would like to see it with the IP Address. I've noticed a lot of interest from China, Russia and Ukraine which I want to block on my router.
Just wondering if this feature has been considered and if anyone else would find this useful?
Best Regards
Dave Stuart MCSD

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