Can we have document sharing / file sharing like Google Drive does ?
Idea shared by Shivam Parikh - 12/16/2016 at 11:42 PM
Can we have document sharing / file sharing like Google Drive does ?

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Andrea Free Replied
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Hey Shivam,
Thanks for the request! You've listed some other File Storage ideas throughout the BETA category and I'd like to include them here as well: 
  • A quick option (like a right-click) to share files or folders with other users on the domain
  • An option to save email attachments directly into File Storage
  • Ability to drag and drop files among folders. 
Another user suggested:
"Further integration of local file storage into inbox, e.g. being able to upload to a local file storage and get an external link while in "compose an email" mode. My take on it would be along these lines: user drags and drops a file while writing an email and after the file is uploaded - if it is larger than say 15MB (limit can be set up by an admin) then the file automatically gets uploaded to a local file storage instead and a link is automatically copied into the body of an email. However if the file is under 15MB then the file remains as an attachment in the email but the user can still move it to a local file storage via a quick option and have a link inserted into the body of an email programmatically. Also might be a good idea to display recently uploaded files in the "compose an email" mode, perhaps right under the "click or drop to add files" section."
These are all great suggestions in my opinion, but, unfortunately, this type of functionality won't make it into SmarterMail 16.0. I'm going to move this thread to the standard SmarterMail category so that this request isn't lost when we close down these BETA threads down the road. 
Thanks again, Shivam!

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


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