email smtp sequence when receiving server holds both domain names
Question asked by Davin Smyth - November 16, 2016 at 10:00 AM
Thanks for reading this post.
I am just wanting to check my understanding when a remote server emails my smartermail server and emails two clients which reside under different domain names on the server.
Remote server receives email from client
checks if email is local or remote, in this example remote.
resolves mx server for first email, initiates connection and sends email to remote server.
Then resolves second address and sends the email to the same server in this example.
We had the example above where one client got the email and the other did not, we checked delivery and smtp logs and only the first email address got an initiated connection in and email delivered successfully, nothing for the 2nd email that resides on our server which definitely was cc'd.
we presume remote email server had a failure on email and didnt send to second person.
The client resent email 3 hours later as a FWD and it came through.

can someone verify if our understanding of email send and MTA function  is correct.
we use
smarter mail enterprise 15.3
Smarter Mail v13.3

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