Keyboard shortcut oddities in Smartermail 15 web interface
Problem reported by Jerry Kuntz - 11/14/2016 at 7:02 AM
One of our users reports the following:
I am using the latest Google Chrome on Windows 8.1, and am experiencing a few cursor movements that are incorrect and quite aggravating.
1) When I am replying to an email, am editing the last line of my response, and am using Ctrl-End to jump one word forward at a time. When on the beginning of the very last word on of my response, i.e. the next thing is the line delineating the original message, Ctrl-End jumps to the end of the email vs the end of the line.  On early lines, the Ctrl-End at the beginning of the last word jumps to the end of the word/line.
2) Under certain circumstances the Shift-Del key combination does not put the cut text into the clipboard buffer. Ctrl-X does work, but Shift-Del should mirror the same action on a PC. I encounter this often, and think it is when cutting from the beginning of a line at column 1 to column 1 on a line further down. This would have bitten me several times when trying to move paragraphs in an email, but thankfully Ctrl-Z works to back out the changes.

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