Question asked by Dann Young - 11/10/2016 at 9:26 AM
Have I been missing something? Is there no simple way to filter messages in SmarterMail? There is a right click action menu, why is there no option in that menu to filter (or to use Outlooks term...make a rule)? Blocking individual emails or domains through settings -> filtering -> content filtering -> new, and then working your way through three pages of configuration is both tedious for support staff, and mind boggling for the average non-technical user. Can there not just be an option to right click and choose to filter that email? Is there a plug in I can add maybe?

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Von-Austin See Replied
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You can quickly block a sender within the SmarterMail web interface by right clicking the message, selecting Actions -> Blocked sender. This will add an entry to an internal blocked senders list content filter, by default this outright deletes the messages when they are from a blocked sender. Your end users can modify this to send to a junk e-mail folder, and a variety of other actions. 
You can also leverage the bayesian filtering spam check that learns based on when your users flag messages as spam\not spam. 
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