Disk usage on user level
Idea shared by FlexWS - 11/1/2016 at 9:19 AM
The used diskspace report now shows the used diskspace for a domain.
While a domain can have diskspace left, a specific user could have exceeded it's diskspace.
Is it possible to list all users with used disk space and max diskspace, like the domains list, but instead of domains, list all users?

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Hi FlexWS.  This is currently available.  Log in as a Domain Admin and then go to Reports >> Domain Summary Reports >> Traffic Reports >> Disk Usage.  
Here you'll see all domain users, along with their max disk space / disk space used.
That is correct, but I'm looking for this list (as global administrator) covering all users on all domains in one list.

Also: In a specific domain's users list, the total below the "max diskspace" column counts the diskspace of all the individual users, but that isn't true, since the domain can have a different max diskspace limit. Showing the domain disk limit over there would be better?
We could use this feature as well.  We have 170 domains on our server.  I really don't want to run the same report 170 times.  Or better yet, I would like to run a report that shows me all users over x% of their current quota.  The report would show me user name, domain, disk used and max disk.
SM 15.x had this capability by going to System Summary Reports, Traffic Reports, Disk Usage. Has this been removed from SM 16.x?

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