Read receipt does not work in Outlook 2016 ?
Problem reported by FlexWS - November 1, 2016 at 3:09 AM
However I see a Disposition-Notification-To header in the email message and my Outlook is set to the default settings "ask for every message to send a receipt", Outlook is doing nothing.
In my case it is Outlook 2016 using EAS.
Is this Outlook failing, or another issue?
Did someone had this before?
(webmail does correctly ask to send a read receipt with a yellow bar)

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I have the same problem but with outlook 2013, I check the " request read receipt" but it does not work.
I works if the option is selected under smatermail webmail, but not witjh outlook.
I have a client that needs this working, can you please help?
I'm using Smatermail Version 15.5.6222
thank you.
Does this work with SM 16? Does checking the "request read receipt" in Outlook 2016 have any effect?

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