Smartermail without Active Directory
Question asked by Kiran Suthar - October 27, 2016 at 6:47 AM
      I am running Smartermail 15.3 professional edition on Windows server 2012 std
Server does not have Active directory setup.
Now it is required to have configure Active directory on server. I am afraid that after installing Active directory will it cause any issues in already running smartermail ?
Please guide.

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Von-Austin See Replied
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Deploying AD to your SmarterMail server shouldn't cause any issues with your existing users. Once you have AD configured on the server, you can then switch your users over from SmarterMail authentication to Active Directory authentication.
To ensure you don't run into any port conflicts, you may need to instruct SmarterMail to not listen on the LDAP port. To do this navigate to Settings -> Bindings -> IP Addresses. Here, you'll need to edit any IP address in use and verify that the LDAP port is not checked. 
I hope this helps. 
Von See
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Kiran Suthar Replied
Thanks for the Answer - This will help.

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